Rice porridge (congee)

Although congee is commonly known as a rice porridge, this wasn’t always the case. Thousands of years ago, congee was made with whatever grains were available locally. Historical accounts show that all these different types of congee were enjoyed across all social classes, from emperors to everyday people.

Nowadays, it is mainly made from rice and it still is one of the most satisfying and hearty Asian breakfast. Simple as simple can be. Enjoyable, healthy, cheap and heartwarming.


  • 1 cup rice (long grain, or Jasmin), rinsed
  • 7 cups good quality chicken or vegetable stock
    salt to taste
  • very thin julienne slices ginger


  • sliced green onions
  • soy sauce
  • fried onions
  • sesame oil


  • eggs
  • shrimp
  • cooked shredded chicken


  • In large pot add stock, rice, salt and ginger. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to a low simmer. Stir occasionally so that the rice doesn’t clump or stick at the bottom, around 1 hour. Final result should be a creamy and thickened rice porridge.
  • Top with soy sauce, spring onions, a dash of sesame oil, and fried onions for that crunch. Add a raw egg when piping hot for that extra creaminess (don’t worry, the heat will cook the egg), cooked shrimp or even leftover shredded chicken for a more filling meal.
  • This might sound like a very basic recipe, but it will definitely satisfy your cravings and fill you up for the rest of the day!