Group Food Packages

We deliver, you re-heat

Inviting people over, or holding an event can be frustrating, especially when it comes to food. How much food to prepare? The mess. The headache after the party. We feel you, and we’ve come up with a solution. Asian food is made for sharing.

Saigon’s Group Food Packages are the perfect solution. Choose one of the options, tell us how many people will be over, and we will do the cooking for you and you will just have to re-heat.

Not only will you be serving food to your guests, but you will also be sharing the Asian street food experience. We deliver the perfect combination of flavors, in ready to heat containers. Follow the simple instructions, and you’re good to go. 

Free Delivery! Once your order is received, we will get in touch to organize delivery. We need at least 24hrs notice.

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