About Us

Saigon, South Vietnam’s old capital, a representation of Asia. Amidst the chaos, the motorbikes, and the noise that life in Asia brings with it, lies the inspiration behind Saigon. The smell of grilled meat and aromatic soup that fill the streets in Asia. The smiling faces serving tasty food from simple street carts, the inspiration behind Saigon.

There is nothing quite like Asian food – Fresh, Flavoursome, Unforgettable. We at Saigon are excited to share our passion for the Asian cuisine with you. Inspired by our travels in Asia and our passion for good food, we believe that with the use of modern cooking practices and an eye for detail, Saigon brings the street food experience closer to you. We carefully select our meats, vegetables, and ingredients in order to bring Asia’s authentic taste to Malta.  Saigon does not only aim to deliver great food, but through a positive and approachable mentality, we aim to deliver a great experience.

With our Group Food Packages, you can now get that real street food experience hassle-free. The concept of sharing is highly present in Asian meals, and Saigon aims to deliver this with our packages. Whether you’ve been to Asia, or dreaming to visit, we bring to you the Asian street food experience straight to your tables.

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